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How do you select your study books?

We prayerfully consider study books and resources for our community. We’ve led more than 100 online studies and have discernment over the books we choose for Bible Cafe™ Courses.

Can I use my phone or tablet for the course?

Yes, your Bible Cafe™ University website is mobile responsive for phones and tablets.

Is a textbook required for the course?

Yes. Bible Cafe™ University courses are built on the model of higher education. Study book is a required purchase and available from your favorite bookstores.  

How do I join the Zoom video groups?

Join with your desktop, tablet or phone. Access link is available for Bible Cafe™ University members and Bible Cafe™ Volunteers. Look under the Events Tab.

Can you help me with counseling?

No. Our leaders are not medical professionals and unable to assist you with counseling. We invite you to join us for Bible study discussions and we will pray with you as a community. 

What religion are you?

Bible Cafe™ is a Christian inter-denominational ministry. Our Executive Director is evangelical. Our volunteers are Methodist, Lutheran, Protestant, Southern Baptist and similar denominations. For more information, please read our Statement of Beliefs.

How long do I have access to the course?

Annual members have 12 month access beginning with their registration date. Monthly members have access until their next billing cycle.

Do I need to use Facebook?

No. Your Bible Cafe™ University meets on this private membership site. We meet by private webinars and Zoom teleconferencing. Facebook group is optional.

Do you have free books or scholarships?

No. Maintaining this ministry requires 100% commitment from our students. We need everyone to contribute to stay online and serve worldwide. 

What is the refund and cancel policy?

Bible Cafe™ University allows 3-day refunds from date of purchase. Membership subscription renewals can be canceled anytime and are not prorated. Just visit My Account page and click the Cancel Button.

Mailing Address: Christine Abraham | PO BOX 2767  | Aptos, CA 95001  

Registered Agent: Bible Cafe™ Ministries LLC | 7960 B Soquel Ave #248  | Soquel, CA 95003  

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